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was hard.

There are too many skills, too many specifities.
We help you understand your candidates without any background.
Our Story

Recruiters find it difficult to attract talents when their jobs are more and more essential, they do not meet the expectations of candidates. Why is this? Because they don't know them.

Our Vision

Our ambition is to give keys and insights to each recruiter based on market data and behavioural analysis.

With our tool each recruiter can understand and attract talent.


Our graphical database allows us to compare each profile with market standards and thus to predict their desire to change jobs, their salary expectations and the skills they need to develop in order to be operational.

Who are we

How it works


Recruitment & Data Science

From our database of 1.3 million profiles, we are able to analyze the skills of each profile in relation to its market and predict its market value and compatibility with a job offer.

We explain with each analysis why one profile is more relevant than another thanks to our predictive recruitment algorithms.

Behavorial understanding

With the help of behavioural science and the data collected, we are able to identify in which micro-segment each profile is located. And thus predict their propensity to change jobs and the type of communication that will be effective in attracting them.

How it works
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